Four Point Inspection: Everything you need to know

While carrying out the four point inspection, usually the four aspects of the house are taken care of. These four aspects include checking the roof, electrical, plumbing and heating or cooling (HVAC) system. All these four are an important aspect when carrying out the home inspection. The home inspector carefully focuses on these points to avoid any potential damage.

When do you need four point inspection?

For most of you who do not know, there are four point inspection insurance policies. There are certain conditions and situations during which you may require the four point inspection depending on the policies of the company. The four point inspection should be carried out for the rental properties which have been there for 30 years or more and during the insurance policy of the homeowner. However, if you are the renter or have any condominium policies, you wouldn’t require to do the four point investigation. Irrespective of the age of the property, you should be a little considerate during the home inspection.

Mostly the licensed agent or contractors carry out the four point inspection. Depending on the requirements of the state government, you may conduct the four point inspection in your house. When these are being conducted in your house, you will need pictures and details of all the important four aspects. However, the inspection should be finished within a year. There may be conditions where you will have exceptions and thus you can take care of them during those situations. These may usually include that for the investigation which are less than 3 years.

It is necessary to send out the details and pictures of the HVAC, electrical, roofing and plumbing system to determine the aspect. The professional inspectors may sometimes also ask for the pictures of open door having electrical panel and even more.

Why do you need four point inspection?

Nowadays, most of the people haven’t been providing the four point inspection insurance to the older house. They are of the belief that the old houses become a liability. Thus, for situations like these you will need a four point inspection. Over the time, your old house may suffer from different concerns. As a result, getting the four point inspection will help to understand the problems. If the systems are in any kind of damage, it can easily be repaired. Moreover, if there is a fault in the installation process, you can choose to correct it to avoid any major damage.

Also the new homes are considered to be safer than the old homes. The four point inspection only focuses on the four major aspects and not the other necessary ones. It is your responsibility to carry out the investigation and check for the condition of the belongings and systems of your house. If there are any defects, you should take necessary methods to get rid of it.

The four point inspection can also be beneficial during the process of selling the house. It will help the buyer to understand the condition of the four essential aspects of the house.

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