What Do You Understand By A Photometric Plan And Why Do You Need It?

A photometric plan is one of the best ways to analyse a lighting solution along with light output in a given area before purchase of any kind of luminaires. Lighting solutions can play a crucial role to ensure sufficient distribution of light. Insufficient distribution of light can lead to dark corners in a given place and lead to accidents. If an engineer doesn’t have a photometric plan they wouldn’t be able to modify the plan and bring the right kind of output. If these plans are not put in place at the right time, there might be improper luminescence in your parking lots, on the roads leading to incalculable damages, accidents, felonies, and so many other unwanted problems. Success of any project depends on how comprehensively the engineers worked on every aspect including lighting strategy. If your poles, building trees, cars, garages, and buildings are not designed according to the direction of light in a given property, think what damages and problems it may lead to.

Most photometric plans are designed with the help of software. With most of these software, the property area layouts are entered and then designed. Once the design is ready, they make required adjustments. Most photometric plans are designed by lighting specialists who need to place poles between buildings, in-between trees, cars, and other things that might influence the direction of light as well as illumination in the property. This software then calculates the levels of light as per the data and offers an elaborated layout. The results brings out the foot candle measurements of given set of points over a property along with average measurements for complete property.

These photometric plans help the lighting specialists make recommendations about the number and types of luminaires. It completely eliminates the guesswork, if the designed layout doesn’t works another modified one can always be designed and reassessed. These plans also help in establishing solidarity with respect to lighting solutions before they purchase the luminaries. It is one of the easiest ways out of frustrating changes that need to be made in the field. A photometric plan can always help your customers to see the light exactly they will receive before installation.

One of the biggest benefits of photometric plans is with sports complexes like hockey rinks or tennis courts. There are many sports arenas that reach the level of being closed out just because the owners cannot bear the costs of light expenses. It really hits the finances hard. A better way out is to create a photometric plan and see what kind of plan would be perfect to create a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution. Sports facilities happen to be one of the most common areas that need photometric plans. These can really help in effective analysis of light levels in single courts, running tracks, up to a full-sized stadiums. One can really get meaningful insights about levels of lights about whole area. Similarly, it is also quite important for parking lots, one needs to strictly adhere to the minimum, maximum, and average light levels. It can alleviate safety concerns and keep away potential liabilities with some extra planning. It wouldn’t be possible to guess what kind of lighting technology would offer the best light for specific projects.

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