Concrete Restoration, Repair & Deterioration Plans


Concrete is a porous substance therefore easily got prone to the damage caused due to pollutants and chemicals. Too much damage can become a vital reason for the surface even the structural failure. In order to provide a variable solution against this loss, a team of special skillsets is required. Therefore Studio A Engineering is here to cope with these demands. We have an experience, knowledge and glorious track record of achieving desired results. In the field of concrete restoration, concrete deterioration and concrete repairs plan we enjoy a reputation as leading experts.

No two structures are same therefore in-depth analysis is essential to diagnose the root of the current and future deterioration. At, Studio A Engineering we use both structural and non-structural materials in order to get our desired results. This profound industrial knowledge helps us to work on a huge number of concrete restoration and deterioration projects.


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We have licensed special inspectors and licensed professional engineers on staff that can perform the threshold inspection as required by the engineer of record and/or applicable codes.  Studio A Engineering has twenty two years of experience and has completed hundreds of projects which have required threshold inspections.

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