Photometric Plans for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Commercial and Residential Lighting systems are quite complex than it appears. There are multitudes of influencing factors which leave a profound impact on it such as selection of equipment, types of illuminations and installment of fixtures in the terrain and structures. Photometric plans are an easy and effectual way to see proposed lighting and illumination solutions prior making a purchase of essential luminaries.

Studio A Engineering is a licensed engineering Firm which has a team of professionals who are proficient in the Photometric analyses of commercial and residential projects. A profound analysis eliminates guesswork; this is the reason why our experts are always in the work. This solidifies the lighting solution and avoids excess frustration and cost that a person has to go throughout for making changes in installments. Lights play an essential role in enhancing the utility of a structure and we totally agreed with it.


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Photometric Service

We have licensed special inspectors and licensed professional engineers on staff that can perform the threshold inspection as required by the engineer of record and/or applicable codes.  Studio A Engineering has twenty two years of experience and has completed hundreds of projects which have required threshold inspections.

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