Parking Illumination Plans


Poor lighting and cheap fixtures create blind spots that cast shadows and become a vital reason for the tenderness in the eyes and threat to the security. Therefore parking illumination plans are essential to provide effectual commercial lightning solutions to public places like parking lots.

Appropriate visibility is the key element of the commercial lighting system that works for parking lots. Therefore assistance of Studio A Engineering is anticipated in this process. This is a well-known fact that parking lot lights are regulated by the government authorities; therefore there must be minimum lights in the place. Neglected any norm is like putting the lives of people in danger. Illumination plans test the level of lightning and brightness present in the parking lot and suggest the glare-free lightning that may suit the commercial parking lot of every size.


engineering plans


We have licensed special inspectors and licensed professional engineers on staff that can perform the threshold inspection as required by the engineer of record and/or applicable codes.  Studio A Engineering has twenty two years of experience and has completed hundreds of projects which have required threshold inspections.

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