40 Years Inspections

40 Years Inspections

What is a 40 Year Inspection?
All architectures and non-single family, with 2,500 square feet (involving duplexes in different counties) should be examined in both the terms- technically and architecturally, after the span of 40 years for ultimate "life safety" to receive a "Certification of Occupancy". And, equivalently, it must be re-licensed with every 10 years. This is what defined in forty years inspections package of all commercial architectures.

Who is required to file?
•Residential buildings -more than 3 units (considered commercial) under the same folio number

•ALL Commercial Buildings
All buildings, non-single family 2,500 sq ft (including duplexes in some counties) must be inspected both structurally and electrically after 40 years for "life safety" in order to get a "Certification of Occupancy". It must be recertified every 10 years thereafter.

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The exact terms of compliance are mandated in your City or County's 40 Year Recertification Ordinance.
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Important!!!  Request the credentials of the engineer who will sign the Forty Years Recertification Report!!!! Check that the owner of the company is a Licensed Professional Engineer or Licensed Architect to ensure the company is authorized to complete a Forty Years Recertification Report!!!
In the State of  Florida, you can verify online that you are retaining a Licensed Professional Engineer.
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